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Bambarra Beach

Section 40202.7

Middle Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands, B. W. I.  

We know that you are just like Christopher Columbus and that you too are looking for Paradise Lost!


   In our continuing effort to provide you with an opportunity to join us in our little hidden paradise, we now offer a variety of lots reasonably priced so as to allow you to fulfill your dreams.

Come Join Us In Paradise!


We thank you for your interest in the properties we have for sale in the Turks and Caicos Islands, B. W. I. 

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Middle Caicos Central Section

Click on any link to review our latest updated offering

40201 40202.7 40203
Left Center, North Coast Central Section, Bambarra Beach,  Platico Point Central Section, Bambarra Beach

The lots numbered below in Yellow are already committed to potential buyers pending completion of the subdivision. Join us in our hidden tropical paradise and submit your lucky number for insertion below!

40202.49 1 Acre Beachfront

185 feet of frontage  

Lot 40202/49 Shown above.....

Can you see my Truck on the road  above ??? It's now parked on 21 miles of serious Middle Caicos blacktop road stretching from Lorimers on Middle Caicos to the new causeway connection North Caicos and Middle Caicos and all the way to Sandy Point on North Caicos. A total of over 50 miles of new blacktop infrastructure.

View from the Beach Road South,

Ocean is 100 yards behind us

Lots highlighted in Yellow are SOLD

Closing Costs are applicable - Click Here For Details


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           Bambarra Beach, Middle Caicos

Rates or Prices

Location Approximate Size Description Price Financing Available Amount and Lot Numbers Available
Middle Caicos

.98 acre

Beachfront With 185' of Frontage



# 49

Middle Caicos .44 - .46 Acre Semi-Beachfront $160,000.00 50% # 53
Middle Caicos .4 - .45 Acre Ocean View $90,000.00 50% # 63
Middle Caicos .4 - .45 Acre Ocean View $50,000.00 Yes # 91
Middle Caicos .4 - .45 Acre Ocean View $45,000,00 Yes # 89
Middle Caicos .4 - .45 Acre

Ocean View With Onsite Electric Installed

$80,000,00 Yes # 60
Middle Caicos .40 Acre Ocean View $70,000 Yes # 71

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Closing costs are as follows:

5% Transfer Fee payable to T & C Government for Lot Sales over and above $25,000.00


1% Turks  & Caicos Government Mortgage Filing Fee on amount financed.

( You can avoid this if financed locally )


$60.00 Land Registry Fee

Registration fee of $300 if we record or approximately $1250-1500 if your attorney records.
There are no other hidden fees applicable..

Now Available

Section 40201/16

20 delicious .4 acre lots just 475 from the water


Villa, Car and Boat Rental Package - $1500.00

You get a house on the beach with a rental car for one week and a boat for three days,

( Gas is your responsibility )

email Dick Zebo @ eaglelanddevelopments@yahoo.com for details and available dates

Did you realize that we were a

Tax Haven ?

Please click here for addition details

We have sold 140 lots in the past 180 days with several others being processed and so there is an unprecedented interest, perhaps due to the fact the government has completed the Causeway linking North & Middle Caicos, the two largest land masses in the Turks & Caicos together, installed runway lights on the airport and has placed a new 21 miles of blacktop road in this year’s budget. We have sold 261 of the first 298 lots offered and we have built 9 villas both on and off the beach to date.  Three others are under construction, five more are in Planning stages awaiting approval as well as our very first Supermarket and three Townhouses.

News Flash ! Michael Misick, Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands confirmed in the Sun TC News that the Causeway linking North and Middle Caicos has begun construction. He also announced a 300 room Hyatt Park Hotel and Golf Course for Middle Caicos on Jan 15th-19th Edition

 We have finally completed the survey and registration of an additional eight acre parcel, sadly none of which are beachfront but close enough… ( 475  to 700 feet ) in section 40201,  1 mile to the west of our existing properties. Five of these Semi-Beachfront lots is already committed.

We have just registered Fifty Five additional buyers this past year in section 40203 and 63 in section 40202.7 with land registry.

Join us now, while it's still affordable and you can!

Prices are still very affordable and still a great ground floor investment opportunity.

Prices in the upcoming sections are expected to be slightly higher due to changing infrastructural demands but still very affordable and still a great ground floor investment opportunity.

The Half-A-Creek Marina Hotel and Villa Development start construction this coming month and that will surely bring those contemplating joining us out of their nests looking to catch up/buy up anything they can get their hands on. Act now to get the best of what is still available and assure yourself of a piece of paradise long before it becomes unaffordable

This along with the Bulgari purchase of Joe Grants Cay with plans to build a five star resort hotel and Golf Course just 80 yards off our shore will be the catalyst that we have been waiting for.

 In addition, the Government has built a deep-water port in North Caicos and had its ground breaking ceremony on the 14th of November 2006, to build the Causeway linking North and Middle Caicos together. That Causeway is now completed and was blacktopped late October of 2007. Construction on the Deep-Water Port in North Caicos is now completed which now allows us to have materials shipped directly to North Caicos from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida. We can then pick them up and drive across the Causeway for delivery to our home sites. Resurfacing of the blacktop road was placed in this years budget and also completed this past quarter ( April 2008 ).

65 Million Dollars in approved funds were set aside for these projects which linked the biggest and the best of the Turks & Caicos into one of the largest tropical paradise's in our hemisphere. You are now able to drive over black top roads from the Port in North Caicos back to your home site on Middle Caicos. If you can't see the writing on the wall, you need to stay home and protect what you have...... Did you miss the opportunity to invest in Provo just 15 years ago ??? You would be seriously retired by now !

New round trip Ferry Service announced from Provo to North Caicos, Click on for details


For additional data and terms, please feel free to call or write. Email Dick Zebo @ eaglelanddevelopments@yahoo.com or Call 1-239-793-7157 in Naples, Florida.



Eagles Rest Villa's Aerial View of Paradise and Shangri-La

Bambarra Beach Middle Caicos


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