Turks & Caicos Islands, B.W.I.

Newsletter December 2010

It’s been a considerably long time since I have updated our newsletter and for that I humbly apologize. I believe that I believed our Townhouse construction project would be completed in a much swifter fashion and so I put off this newsletter until such time as we were much further along and had something to show you with a picture essay attached.


Well, here we are almost a year and a half later and we are just about finished with sample unit which we purchased for our family enjoyment  and rentals which should sustain us in comfort in our old age and appreciate drastically once the economy recovers and when this island fully develops as we expect it will..  As you can see, we missed our intended Grand Opening but maintaining the quality that will set us aside from all else on Middle Caicos has been time consuming. That is the only sure thing in this life albeit slow. Over 275 buyers have joined us in our subdivisions and approximately 20 more in each of the Blue Horizon and Wave Crest subdivisions


My wife Milena was aboard this American Airlines flight with me and will attend to the interior decorating of our new abode.


We have had several inquiries for purchase of the other two units  but I firmly believe we have not had any concrete check writers because they are awaiting completion to make sure that the quality which we brag about is actually there and not a figment of our imagination or a selling gimmick of sorts. On the other hand sales of undeveloped lots while not as brisk as in the past continue to allow our little community to grow and prosper and I am extremely please to announce that we have a brand new million dollar mansion just a few lots away from our beachfront villa on Bambarra Beach and several new units under construction, in each of our subdivisions. Our new Townhouses will be the shining light that brings the spotlight the world has been waiting to see to our  shores.


Others will see our example and join us almost immediately as several already have.  And I/We believe that progress breeds progress and that this investment of theirs needs to be cultured. Sitting idly by may bring fortune to you and yours on the coattails of others but I strongly encourage you to start making plans to build your dream house or rental property and hasten the development of our very own hidden paradise.


Provo is the prime example where properties escalated in value a minimum of 600% to 800 % in most cases and as much as several thousand percent in some many cases… I suggest that you are in control of your own destiny and although many of you are forced to sit pat due to this economic crunch that repeats the pain and uncertainty of the early thirties, there are many who are sitting on the fence trying to decide whether this is the end of the world as we know it…. 


I say; full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. I am a man of moderate means and could have sat idly by in these late years of my life and enjoyed the fruits of my labor. Instead I poured a small fortune into these Townhouses which will be my signature contribution to the success and growth of Middle Caicos.


Just a few days ago, the Van Essen family picked up the gauntlet and signed contracts for the construction of their 1350 Sq Ft Ocean View Villa which will allow them to fulfill their island dreams and also guard against inflation and affordability in the future. Prices have slowly crept up due to a lack of just about everything and so we have made it a serious business of checking out Craigslist and taking advantage of offers of just about everything under the sun in order to stay under the quoted sq footage quoted price…


I believe I have managed to save as much as $60,000 in the past year purchasing plumbing, electrical, appliances, tiles and the like on Craigslist. Yes, you have to give of yourself time wise and have a place to store or ship these materials but if your contemplating construction, then now is the time to start shopping and squirreling goodies away even if its just deco items for your personal touch…


My wife and I clash sometimes as far as design and style might be but I throw my ideas against the wall and occasionally something sticks… Speaking about throwing something against the wall, check out my new Kitchens, a discontinued model by Kraftsmaid that Lowes sold me for just pennies on the dollar..


Sadly We had to leave before the Granite Counter Tops were installed and so we will all have to wait for our January 2011 return to see the finished product…. BUT, you get the idea..

Middle Caicos will enjoy a few firsts this year, wooden staircases, doorbells and lots of hurricane proof windows....Million Dollar Mansions and new guest houses as well as seeing the start of many more to come 


The Townhouses are indeed spacious and so far, everybody that has come to inspect/visit with us have liked the concept of the living area above and the sleeping area’s below.  The views of the ocean out of the upper floor windows and balcony were just too much to sacrifice to conventional design.



With the ocean being just a 500 foot walk away, the lure of the beach will be far too enticing for both our guests and owners while those that come to read and regroup will enjoy the concept of the veranda overlooking the ocean.


The beauty of the location of our Townhouse complex is that it is just about in the middle of Bambarra Beach and enjoys a daily tidal influenced run of Bonefish which both guests and local fishermen enjoy immensely.


I bought a fly rod myself so as to enjoy the particular fruits of this series of islands in paradise, specifically these trophy Bonefish and look forward to the completion of our Townhouse complex because we will then have accommodations capable of sustaining the expected growth of our hidden paradise.


In particular, we will now be entertaining the return of the Canadian Sport fishing Broadcast company hosted by Italo Labignan who are entertaining the return to Middle Caicos to do a series of TV specials similar to the one’s they did several years back and which resulted in a series of reservation requests that were almost impossible to fathom possible to our remote island hideaway.


I look forward to the return to Paradise by assorted guest fisherman and friends that will test their skills and lines against the voraciousness of our gamefish and predator alike. 


In addition to this, we have received tentative permission to construct a road to the South side of the island and make the massive schools of Bonefish accessible to our very own guides and guest fisherman. Fisherman and guide alike must travel at least 30 miles from Provo at great expense to enjoy our fruits of the sea and once completed we will have access in fifteen minutes to not only these massive schools of Bonefish but also to one of the few Ocean Holes in this hemisphere. Little known about our “ Blue Hole “ but that is about to change and so we invite each and every one of you to visit with us and partake in what used to be the pleasures of only the rich and famous.


We have had the pleasures of enjoying the fruits of our labor and have built memories that will last a lifetime and then  some.



We can’t protect it forever but we will try to develop it like a virgin daughter would be by overly protective parents.


We are opening our world to you … Come see it while it is affordable and pristine…


In the next few weeks you will see a pictorial review of what I hope to be a finished product. You can then decide for yourselves  as to whether you desire to visit with us and see what is now possible because of the insertion of the causeway linking us to North Caicos, the addition of 21 miles of paved roads, the maintenance of it tax haven structure with no real estate taxes, no income or corporate taxes and the most friendly people in the hemisphere as your hosts.


We are but the seed, come help us grow by joining us in these “ Beautiful by Nature “, Turks and Caicos Islands B.W.I.


Paradise Awaits You!